Dennis adds a touch of humor. It is also a refreshing change to read about the important issues from the perspective of a common every day American citizen, rather than the viewpoints of those who see the world from the upper class.
-Travis B

I have always heard that tax cuts pay for themselves, but never believed it-until now. I now know how tax cuts pay for themselves and grow the economy. And this book is easy enough for anyone to understand. After reading this book, it's amazing that for so many years politicians have been able to mislead the American people on taxation. I like the documentations in Chapter 18, on how a very low tax rate actually generated 57 billion dollars more in tax revenue than a much higher tax rate-according to U.S. Treasury records. These are facts that politicians just don't want us to know about.
-Foster Ellis

Big government politicians claim that government programs are the reason for America's success. But this digital book/text clearly reveals ALL government programs are paid for by the American Producer/Taxpayer. It is the Private Sector that has built America & made her the greatest nation. Dennis L Binder Jr explains this book in a way that a 5th grader could understand. His book is like a General Education course on taxes, the economy, individual liberty & much more! It only costs $3.99 and I got mine from the comfort of my own living room!
-Larry Besch

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